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Grid Computing Facility Lab
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Tier-2 Centre Kolkata
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Cluster Management

We have two clusters one for ALICE and another is for VECC users.Both running 24x7.

Network Management

Quality and unique network implementation and management that meets all the requirements and trends of modern users.

Monitoring & Evaluation

process that helps improve performance and achieve results. Its goal is to improve current and future management of outputs, outcomes and impact.


The computing requirements for ALICE experiment are huge and the experiment has adopted the technology of “distributed computing over internet”, popularly known as GRID Computing, as the solution.The ALICE GRID is organized on a Tier-structure called MONARC Architecture, with the highest level at Tier-0 being kept at CERN and essentially acting as the depository for raw data. Down the line there are 11 Tier-1 centres around the globe and more than 100 Tier-2 centres.

Kolkata hosts a only Tier-2 Centre for ALICE in India, which provides about 2% of the processing and storage requirements and is running with more than 95% reliability and availability. A green and efficient cooling solution has been implemented for Kolkata Tier-2, during the year of 2012. Solution is based on cold and hot aisle containment concept.


Dr. Vikas Singhal

Scientific Officer

Mr. Prasun Singh Roy